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Abma's Farm: Wyckoff, NJ


If you're like me, you call it Amba's Farm.  For some reason it's tough to get my head (and mouth) around "Abma".  But, it's Abma's Farm.  Somewhat related, I realized only this weekend that the word is "Valedictorian", and not "Valevictorian".  Thankfully I don't claim to be very bright, although my class rank was in fact 17 out of over 200.  But spelling/grammar/English wasn't my strong suit, as anyone who reads the drivel on this blog can attest to.

But on to what I do know about...

I visited Abma's Farm a few times a few years ago, and mentioned it here and there on this blog.  Others have been mentioning it as well, so I thought I'd give it some more exposure.

Abma's grows and raises a lot of its stuff.  For that reason alone, you should support them.  I don't know of too many family owned farms around our parts these days.  And that's yet another reason to support them.

In the spirit of the lowest common denominator bloggers that pepper the internet, I'm going to simply post a bunch of pictures, while pretending I've said something substantive and interesting.  And here ya go (please note that I resisted the urge to blur out 80% of each shot under the deranged impression that you should only be able to see "the important part"):

IMG_0387  IMG_0388

I should probably note that they have a little petting zoo, which you see in some of the pics above, and that they don't sell donkeys.

Abma's Farm Market & Nursery : 700 Lawlins Rd : Wyckoff, NJ : 201.891.0278