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Skinnygirl margarita: sold out

Edit:  Click here for the taste test/review.

A sign of the end of civilization as we know it.  People are gobbling this stuff up.  Draining bottles of it into their naive gullets.  Few having any clue of what a proper margarita should taste like, much less how easy one is to make.

Skinnygirl margarita2

A sign by the door of Harding Liquors in Ridgewood, NJ

I was actually going to buy a bottle so I could make fun of it give it a proper and fair tasting, but alas, this will have to wait.

A couple of observations before even touching the bottle:

  • $15 dollars for 750 ml.  At fist this sounds like a good value, but you'll notice this stuff is 25 proof, which tells me it is watered down tequila.
  • Caramel color added.  I guess they want to appeal to those who think Cuervo Gold is "the good stuff."

More to come.  And yes, I will do this, for you. 

*Note:  this stuff is available at Harding Liquors in Ridgewood (well, when they get a new supply it will be)