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Hawthorne Farmers' Market: Heirloom tomatoes


We stumbled upon the Hawthorne Farmers' Market today.  Did a quick fly by and took a look at their stuff.  Saw some heirloom tomatoes from a farm whose name I forget (but I'll be finding out next Sunday).  Ho, ly, shit.

These heirloom tomatoes are up there with the best tomatoes I've ever had.  So incredibly sweet.  So perfectly ripe.  We're sitting here eating slices with a knife and fork off a plate, and there's no reason to stop.   This is how God intended tomatoes.  These will tomatoes will ruin you for all supermarket and "NJ beefsteak" tomatoes once and for all.  I've said that you shouldn't be eating those tomatoes but I think you all ignore my advice.  Eating these heirlooms will convince you, finally.

Do not hesitate to get yourself to the Hawthorne Farmers' Market for these heirloom tomatoes.  You won't be disappointed.  

Hawthorne Farmers' Market : Grand Ave : Hawthorne, NJ : Sundays 9-2.30 Jun-Oct