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Ho-Ho-Kus Inn: Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ


Each of our three visits to the Ho-Ho-Kus Inn was followed with thoughts of "well, we tried it, and won't be back."  But something drove us back.  I'm really having a hard time figuring out what that something was, but I think it's the hope that they can pull the place off.  So far, I'm not convinced they have.

The Ho-Ho-Kus Inn makes promises of menus that change seasonally, with a focus on locally sourced ingredients where practical.  They seem to be on track with that promise.  But what ultimately ends up on your plate, and the experience surrounding that plate, hasn't earned them high marks in my book, and suggests to me that they haven't figured out how to successfully implement their vision.  Yet.  And let me note that I've eaten only in the Tavern Room; the fine dining aspect of the HHI doesn't interest me in the least, although it's a very attractive, somewhat transporting restaurant.

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Sub Base: Fair Lawn, NJ [CLOSED]

#2 - "all the way"

I grew up on Mike's Subs down the "Jersey shore."   This was looong before Mike's franchised and changed their name to "Jersey Mike's" (and looonger before the phrase "Jersey shore" brought to mind gorilla juice-heads from Staten Island and Queens who drink Ron-Ron juice).  Mike's defined "sub" for me.  Their sandwich is the barometer against which all other subs will be compared.  Forever.  

For the uninitiated, a Mike's sub is a sandwich of relatively generic cold cuts (ham, provolone, hot ham capicola is the standard "#2"), on a soft hero, topped with tomatoes, onions, copious amounts of shredded iceberg lettuce, salt/pepper/oregano, and a ridiculous amount of oil and vinegar.  The s/p/o and olive/vinegar are key here; Mike's makes a wet sandwich.

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