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Weekend: pizza


There's generally a good amount of cooking going on at t:e operations headquarters.  There's also usually no reason to share any of these dishes, as they are simple and not earth-shattering in the least.  But taking a page from the some other blogs that I read, I see no reason to not post a little something here and there, when something looks decent, or tastes good, or might get some of you out to the store and in the kitchen.

Weekend pizza, with mozzarella di bufula from Fairway in Paramus. 

I don't know of many sources in New Jersey for mozzarella di bufula, so Fairway is a Godsend.  They do fly this stuff in from Campania, so check the expiration dates.  The last few batches I had were luscious and creamy, like eating warm ice cream.  Worth every penny, especially if you're making Neapolitan-style pizza.

I aim for a Neapolitan-style pizza.  A Margherita, in this case.  There's nothing more than uncooked pureed canned tomatoes, mozzarella di bufula, salt, basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano and EVOO on this sourdough pizza.

This pie was cooked in about 3 minutes 30 seconds, using two standard electric ovens, using the broiler in the second oven to finish it off.  The stones were heated for well over an hour, and were at about 680 degrees.