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Steve's Burgers: Garfield, NJ


I was poking around the New Jersey blog You Don't Know New Jersey and came across a post about Steve's Burgers in Garfield. This post was convincing enough, and not being one to pass up the chance to find a decent burger, off I went to find this little shack of a place on Route 46. 

Steve's must have hired the same painting contractor as Pizza Town USA, up the road a piece.  The playful red, white and yellow stripe motif no doubt helps it stand out. You can't miss it.  Well, you can miss it, but you'll see it just as you're passing it.  Now you have to turn around.  Good luck.

If you manage to get back to the place (this time, try the back roads, and skip 46 altogether), you'll be treated to a damned good burger and fries.

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