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Baste: opens in Ridgewood, NJ [CLOSED]

That red chicken looks hormone free

A place called Baste has opened in the old Silver Oak Bistro spot in Ridgewood. Tag line: Fresh Gourment Fast.  It has a red chicken on the awning. 

I poked my head in and grabbed a menu to see what was what. It's a very nice looking little spot, which suggested that they are well-funded.

It seems that the folks who brought you Axia Taverna in Tenafly have opened this place, which appears to be primarily take-out and delivery (although it does have seating), and focuses on roast chicken, which apparently is the #1 seller at Axia, which of course I find hard to believe, but since I've never been to Axia I couldn't possibly know for sure.

The menu includes some salads, a few appetizers (like Chicken liver mousse, wings, and polenta cakes, which makes no sense to my mind from a theme perspective), at least 10 sides (including Spaetzle, broccoli rabe, and fries, huh?), but the focus is on this roasted chicken. Oddly there is only one sandwich, and it's du jour.  I'd think they could come up with a couple of sandwiches with chicken, and make them really well, and do a brisk lunch business, at least from me.  Do I want a salad with salmon on top for lunch?  No.  I want a great piece of bread, with a moist piece of chicken, and fresh ingredients.  That's what I want. But enough about me.

Baste is right across from the train station in ridgewood

The menu makes claims that their "Free Roaming Chickens are plumper."  I'm not sure that's the case with any free range chickens, which are generally not bloated big-breasted beasts.  The menu makes no mention of the source of these chickens, which I think they would know is a point of interest for their target audience.  They do note that the birds are hormone and antibiotic free.

Looking forward to trying this chicken.

Apologies for this completely and utterly useless post.  Next up I'll be telling you about a new BBQ place that I haven't visited, and letting you know that I haven't had the steak at Park West Tavern.

Baste : 26 Wilsey Square : Ridgewood, NJ : 201.857.5800