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The Kill Devil Grill: Kill Devil Hills, NC, OBX


If it's funky, we'll try to find it.

We stumbled on The Kill Devil Grill whilst searching for decent places to eat during a recent trip to the Outer Banks.  OBX has a shit ton of restaurants, most of which are mediocre as far as I can tell.  But, there are a few gems, and The Kill Devil Grill is one of them.

Situated right across from the beach on Beach Road, you'd think it'd be another somewhat sticky, sandy, kitschy place.  But it's not.  It's clean, sleek, and cool...and somewhat kitschy (a tiny old diner with an addition on the back).  More importantly, the food is damned good.


Our request of a m/r burger was met by the waitress with "I'll tell them, but sometimes it's hard to judge."  Oh dear, we thought.  Our reservations ended up being unfounded, as the burger came out perfectly medium rare, and it was really outstanding.  Nice beefy flavor, nice texture, good bun-to-burger ratio, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and would you believe it, an outstanding tomato.  Yes, it's apparently tomato season 'round them parts, and unlike just about all of the restaurants in New Jersey, a few that we visited actually understand that they have access to good tomatoes, and, pass them on to their customers.  Shame on you, New Jersey restaurants, for serving tomatoes that taste like cold cardboard all year long. 


As with many restaurants in OBX, The Kill Devil Grill boasts locally caught fish.  Now, I'm not sure how local the stuff is, but I'm not going to argue, as long as it's good.  The fish sandwich of the day was a locally caught tilefish.  Beer battered, lightly fried, served on a soft bun, with those excellent tomatoes and lettuce. Damnit this was a good fish sandwich. 


Both sandwiches came with perfectly good, and nicely seasoned, skin-on fries. If they were of the frozen variety (with which I have no issue), you could have fooled me.


Another special was 1/2 lb of steamed, spiced, local shrimp.  Peel and eat.  These too were very good.  I prefer to just eat the shells when possible, but I peeled one out of the shell and was very pleased indeed.  This was lunchtime, and we were advised that they only had 2 orders left, and would be getting more later in the day for dinner service.  That's pretty fresh, if that story is not poppycock. I tend to believe it.


Two groups from our vacation party went on two separate occasions, and both gave it rave reviews. 

The beer and wine list isn't exceptional, but like just about every single restaurant we visited, if not every single restaurant, they had Fat Tire amber ale, which is fine by me. 


While we were enjoying our lunch, we thought "hey, this would be a great place for Guy Fieri and his Triple D crew to visit."  We came to learn later that week that Guy was in fact in town the same week.  not sure if he hit this place, but heard that he was at the Black Pelican.  We didn't get there, but I would have liked to have run into Guy, whose Triple D show is a staple at t:e headquarters. 

The Kill Devil Grill seems to be a very popular spot for vacationers and locals alike.  By noon on a weekday, there was a line out the door.  Get there early, and eat well my friends. 

The Kill Devil Grill : Milepost 9 3/4 : Beach Road : Kill Devil Hills : NC : OBX