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Mogo Korean Fusion Tacos: Asbury Park boardwalk, NJ


This was the best thing I ate yesterday, and that was after eating fantastic pizza at Porta

I read a bit about Mogo Korean Fusion Tacos on the SFI (Stupid Friggin' Internet), where a bunch of people promptly started criticizing the place.  If I recall correctly, and I wish there were a way that I could read this crap and have it not plant itself in my head, there were complaints about the price (4 bucks?), the flour tortillas (rather than corn, for Korean flavors?), and who knows what else.  I'm sure someone was offended there's a tip jar or that the sun was too bright.

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Awful Arthur's Oyster Bar : Kill Devil Hills, NC, OBX


If the The Kill Devil Grill isn't the somewhat sticky, sandy place, Awful Arthur's is a step in that direction.  In a good way. 

Awful Arthur's is located on Beach Road, right across from the beach in Kill Devil Hills.  The vibe is definitely "shore" and nautical, and the big long bar seemed packed with regulars and locals.  Every single table was taken at lunchtime on a weekday.  This place seems to do a business.

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