Awful Arthur's Oyster Bar : Kill Devil Hills, NC, OBX
Fin Raw Bar and Kitchen: Montclair, NJ

Mogo Korean Fusion Tacos: Asbury Park boardwalk, NJ


This was the best thing I ate yesterday, and that was after eating fantastic pizza at Porta

I read a bit about Mogo Korean Fusion Tacos on the SFI (Stupid Friggin' Internet), where a bunch of people promptly started criticizing the place.  If I recall correctly, and I wish there were a way that I could read this crap and have it not plant itself in my head, there were complaints about the price (4 bucks?), the flour tortillas (rather than corn, for Korean flavors?), and who knows what else.  I'm sure someone was offended there's a tip jar or that the sun was too bright.


I'm here to tell you that those people are, of course, all idiots.  4 dollars is a bargain for the delicious Korean pork taco that I was fortunate enough to have eaten.  The supple flour tortilla was a perfect foil and instrument with which to get this explosion of flavors and textures into my face hole.  Put some of that hot sauce on your taco, don't forget.


On top of that, the owner and guys/girls working there are friendly and enthusiastic, and blast music in their little trailer of a taco stand, which is apparently open pretty damned late on the weekends.  Perfect for a post-Pony snack, or a midday snack for that matter. 

I should note that my first post-taco burp was at about mile 105, with several more up through pulling into my driveway 60 miles away.  Each was delicious.  My wife did not enjoy them nearly as much, I was told.

Mogo Korean Fusion Tacos : Asbury Park boardwalk & 1st Ave : NJ : @eatmogo