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Bikini Girl Margarita: Taste test

The saturation/color in this photo were not exaggerated

Gotcha, didn't I.  After taste testing the Skinnygirl margarita, you don't really expect me to put this stuff in my mouth, do you?

This Bikini Girl Margarita caught my eye at Bottle King last week.  Not because it looked interesting, but because it was glowing.

I did some googling and cannot come up with any information on this product.  Maybe it was a joke?  Played specifically on me?  I suspect this product is geared toward people who think Skinnygirl is just the right amount of disgusting, but who want a bit more artificial color in their drink and tooth decay in their life. Does having no taste cause herpes?  It should. 

Why do people insist on seeking out processed, substandard solutions to foods and drinks that take little effort or know-how to make well? 

Please, people, I've said it before, and damnit some of you are not listening.  If you want a margarita, mix together:

100% agave tequila (it's cheap and widely available)
(it's widely available and one bottle makes 25 drinks...so it's cheap)
Lime juice
, from, you know, a friggin' lime (they are widely available, all year 'round.)

Why is this so difficult for the majority of the planet?

Happy National the day after National Margarita Day.  You know what to do.


A proper margarita, up

A proper margarita, rocks