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Pizza at home: Easter Eve


As usual the ovens were preheated for over an hour.  The stone was up to 650 by the time I slid the pizza in.

At 2.5 minutes in, I switched to the other oven, which had the broiler going, to finish the pie in about 3 minutes and 20. 

This is a white pizza, with low moisture mozzarella (Sorrento whole milk), Taleggio, and slices of some sort of cured meat from A&S Fine Foods in Wyckoff. This meat was almost like lardo (which they also make and sell), with luscious fat and a bit of muscle. It melts on the tongue. Now, if I could recall what it was, that might actually be helpful.

Topped with baby arugula, tossed lightly with a bit of red wine vinegar and EVOO, and drizzled with a balsamic reduction (cheap balsamic vinegar reduced to almost a syrup).  I generally scoff at the idea of cheap balsamic vinegar, but in this case a little added a nice counterpoint to the bitter, acid, and fat components. 

I've mentioned before that A&S Fine Foods does some curing in-house, in addition to carrying various products from the geniuses at Salumeria Biellese.  Worth a visit just for those meats. 

Happy Easter to ya all. 

Eat pizza.