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Fast food workers strike: make a burger at home

From what the TV box is saying, there's some sort of strike at fast food places today. What's a guy to do? Well I'll tell ya.

Get some short ribs and hanger steak (a winning blend), chop them up into smallish pieces, throw them in the freezer until they get a little bit frozen, grind them in your Kitchenaid attachment (coarse grind, one pass), and make your own damned burgers, you lazy pricks.

One of my favorite ways of making a single burger is to use a small frying pan, with a bit of oil or clarified butter, and a salted patty. The burger essentially fries in its own fat. A sear like this you will not find from many other methods.

Pickles, red onion, some ketchup, or "catsup," if you're very strange, melted standard issue American "cheese," on a toasted brioche, and you've got the best damned burger that you've had all day.

Get to it; the strike might end soon.