Sakura Bana: Ridgewood, NJ, is good for a cold
The Strand House: Manhattan Beach, CA

Kumo: Ridgewood, NJ

I just got done telling you that if you're eating sushi in Ridgewood, and not eating it at Sakura Bana, you're doing it all wrong.

So why did I go to Kumo the day after? None of your business is why.

We've enjoyed Kumo in the 12 or so years that it's been open. It was our go-to place for delivery for quite a few years. For some reason it fell out of favor, and we haven't been ordering from them as much. Not at all, really.

I can't find anything about Kumo that really bothers me, although I have to say that it's not all that exceptional. It is quite good overall, and quite consistent. If every town in the US had a restaurant like Kumo, a lot of people would be eating very well. 

Here's what I put into my face, and if you read my thoughts on Sakura Bana, and committed those artful words and photos to memory, and why on earth wouldn't you have done that, you'll notice I'm a creature of habit:

Soup and salad!

The salad dressing at Kumo isn't of the carrot/ginger variety that I do love very much. It's something else altogether, and while I can't put my finger on what it is, it is creamy and enjoyable. Push the unripe pointless tomato aside before eating this.

The miso soup is exactly what it needs to be.

The miso cod at Kumo is a bit different than the version at Sakura Bana. First off, it doesn't have all of that butter. The fish is super tender and succulent, and the sauce has a bit of a citrus component. This adds a bit of acidic zing to the dish, which works nicely with the rich flavors and textures. It's also served on some julienned cucumber, which you can and should eat once you're done plowing through that fish.


The sushi and sashimi at Kumo are quite good. In my experiences the fish has been fresh tasting and buttery. Today was no exception. If I have a complaint it's that the rice had no warmth. Additionally, it sort of broke apart when trying to pick up the sushi. This could have been due to my unsophisticated and clumsy pawing, but it was not preferable.

Kumo also serves something they refer to as "French style sushi," which in this case is called the "Sushi Box Cake."  This is basically a 3x3 inch layered cake of rice and fish and spicy fish, which is cut into 9 or so pieces, and served with pieces of nori with which you wrap the pieces of cake. Purist tendencies be damned, I really like this dish, and I think you will too.

Kumo Japanese Cuisine : 55 Franklin Ave : Ridgewood, NJ : 201.652.0088 : BYOB