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BUCU in Paramus: has closed

BUCU's Facebook page confirms the closing of BUCU after a run of three years.

"It is certainly with a heavy heart I write this. Unfortunately after serving our customers for the past three years Bucu Paramus has closed. We enjoyed every single moment that we were there. We loved making the burgers, making the cupcakes and the donuts and serving our customers the best we possibly could. We will miss you all..! .... Thanks for the memories....!"

I was smitten with BUCU when I first visited a few years back. It was really one of the first of its ilke to open in the area: an independently owned burger (and cupcake) joint making a delicious roadside stand style burger. Hard to come by (but let's not forget Steve's in Garfield!)

There is no indication in the FB post as to what precipitated the closing. However, I have to think that the recent explosion of burger places around NJ and in the area could have been a contributing factor. Since or around the opening of BUCU, at the very least, Smashburger, Boom, and most recently, Shake Shack have all opened, some with multiple locations, adding to the already crowded market.

BUCU always seemed like a well-run operation to me. While many restaurants can't be bothered to keep their websites updated with hours and menus, the BUCU people, proving down to their final hour that they know how to run a business, offer their customers a message on their website.

We'll miss you, too.

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