Deep fried: Turkey
BUCU in Paramus: has closed

Give a little bit: now's the time that we need to share, oh yeah, we gotta sing


I'm not here to preach or suggest to which organizations you should donate your money.  Goodness knows we all donate one way or the other. But it couldn't be easier to grab one of those little tickets (you see above) at the checkout counter of any of our many participating food stores when you're picking up supplies for your family and friends, and have the cashier scan it, to donate to a local food bank. A buck from many can mean a lot to many.

And if you don't care much for food banks, maybe a couple of bucks to the ASPCAToys for Tots, or your favorite charity, or even just being a pleasant human being for a day, will add some nice to karma our section of the planet.

Thank you for listening.