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Hot Italian Sausage: Swiss Pork Store: Fair Lawn, NJ

Swiss Pork Store Sausage 001

You probably know that the Swiss Pork Store, in Fair Lawn, NJ, makes some sort of veal loaf that is just other-worldly.

You probably also know that they grind their beef to order, and it's always very, very good (you'll never buy supermarket ground beef again). 

And of course you know that they have all sorts of smoked sausages, breakfast sausages, and a very fine lamb sausage indeed.

But I'm here to tell you about their hot Italian sausage.

If you're used to coarsely ground, fatty, somewhat tough sausage, with hot, red fat running out of it (and there's nothing wrong with any of that), you should know that you won't be getting it here. Instead, you will get something that is much more subtle. A sausage with velvety, almost creamy consistency, and bursting with juices. These things are as juicy as they are long.

Did I mention they are long? Be careful when you order. They are like two-sausages-in-one, so if you want 4 sausages, get 2. I'll let you extrapolate your order accordingly. 

I take that back. Order more than you need, and eat them.

I don't want to hear how they aren't very spicy, or that there's no fennel. That's not the point, and I'm confident that's by design. Putting aside preconceived notions of what "hot Italian sausage" should be, these are a very interesting and tasty departure from your standard store-bought, or even butcher, sausage.

Swiss Pork Store : 24-10 Fair Lawn Ave : Fair Lawn, NJ : 201.797.9779



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