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New Neapolitan pizza: in Ridgewood?


UPDATE (5/29/14): S. Egidio is opening tonight, Thursday, per the Booziest of all the Burbs.

To say I'm curious about this place is certainly an understatement. #italymeetsridgewood? Sounds good to me.

There's very little info available on the internet about the restaurant. I stopped by yesterday but couldn't glean any intel other than the sign you see above. So many questions, so few answers. Is Rocco, the Glen Rock construction contractor at Action Home involved? Or is it another Rocco. How is an oven going to fit in that little place? Is the atmosphere going to be less upscale and more Brooklyn hip shabby chic (I kinda hope it's earthy and warm)? Is the meat going to be from exceptional producers and not from mediocre distributors? Are they going to be doing 70 second pies, or, 3 minute pies.

From a pizza perspective, I think they'll need to differentiate themselves from A Mano, which is right around the corner. A Mano really does focus on authentic Neapolitan-style pizza--which some people just don't understand or appreciate.  If there's a niche to be carved, it is going to be more of a Brooklyn-Neapolitan hybrid. A little less "wet," a little more crispy.

But I'm not paying the bills, so who cares what I think.

Either way, this will get interesting.

Update: A photo of the interior progress can be found here (click me).

17 North Broad Street : Ridgewood, NJ