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The Monk Room in Newark: from the Porta people [CLOSED]

Porta octopus

Update: The Monk room closed at the end of September, 2015.

Update: my thoughts on a visit to The Monk Room here (click me).

Another update: Octopus is in the building!

Boozy Burbs got a hold of the menu for the soon-to-be-open Monk Room in Newark, the latest restaurant from the Porta people.

While we all sort of expected an abbreviated menu, certainly at launch, the internet was hoping that the fantastic octopus dish (which made the t:e Best dishes of 2013 list) would make an appearance in Newark. Apparently it hasn't, and North Jersey is crying "foul!!!"

C'mon, Porta people. We love your pizza, but let's get us some octopus up here. Newark and octopus go hand-in-hand!

Let's hope that the Monk Room's menu expands, with that octopus, and soon. And on top of that let's hope that the Monk Room's Jersey City restaurant (opening later in 2014) will have the octopus. Otherwise, Porta people, there will be pitchforks and torches, and we'll bring it, and bring it hard, North Jersey style. You dig?

The Monk Room : 20 Green Street : Newark, NJ
The Monk Room : 135 Newark Ave : Jersey City, NJ

Update: The Porta people responded in a tweet. Fingers crossed, although I know damn well that octopus takes more than a minute: