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Thai basil and watermelon: frozen margarita

Watermelon thai basil margarita


Q: Is Thai basil better than regular basil in this cocktail?
A: As sure as shit.

Q: Why?
A: Because.

Q: You are such a purist regarding cocktails and cooking. Aren't frozen margaritas for sinners and blasphemers?
A: You bet your ass they are.

Q: Does it have to look shit brown?
A: This is God's work. Or maybe science. Red + green = brown. That's the deal.

Q: But it's not watermelon season yet.
A: It is somewhere, punk.

Q: Did you use a straw to drink this, like a wittle girl?
A: You betcha.

Q: What was in it?
A: 1.5 ounces fresh lime juice, 1 ounce Cointreau, 1/2 cup cut-up watermelon, 5 Thai basil leaves, 3 ounces Sauza silver, ice.

Q: Where can I get the Thai basil?
A: Terri Lee grocer in Maywood. Kung Fu Food Market in River Edge. Other Asian markets I'd think.

Q: Mine is watery.
A: You didn't use enough ice. Or, eat more fiber.

Q: Should I garnish this with a Thai basil leaf?
A: This is an excellent idea.

Q: Can I put some chopped jalapeƱo in this, for some spicy heat?
A: This is another excellent idea.

Q: Can I use bottled lime juice in this?
A: Don't be an asshole.

Q: I have a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold left over from college. I'll just use that.
A: I'll just make fun you.