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Hot Diggity Grill: Hawthorne, NJ: Great burgers!

Hot diggity Grill burger fries

I was driving through Paterson today, and for some reason I started wondering how Smashburger serves their burgers so darned hot. They really are hot, and stay hot. Like magic. I'm a big fan of Smashburger. It was close to lunchtime so I figured I had to get a burger, from somewhere.

Smashburger was a bit out of my way, and luckily I recalled a reader telling me that Hot Diggity Grill in Hawthorne has a good burger. I was skeptical when I heard this, and was still skeptical when I recalled this, but I shot into Hawthorne to give them a shot. Glad I did.

Hot Diggity Grill is a small, owner-operated family friendly place. There's a counter that faces the cooking action, and a few tables. The place seemed clean, and music was on. Too many owners don't realize how important music and cleanliness is are.

They serve deep fried hot dogs, burgers, fries, rings, and some other sandwiches. They even have specials every day, featuring various toppings on the burgers on this day. I went with a simple burger with American cheese, pickles and onions, along with an order of fries.

Hot diggity grill burger2Burgers are larger than they appear in this photo

As soon as I saw the burger I knew it was going to be good. Ill-shaped and obviously formed by hand (edit: I confirmed that they place a ball of meat on the flat top and press it down), and on a simple bun of an appropriate size. The burger had a great sear on it, and the cheese was melted. It was hitting all the marks.

Hot diggity grill burger1

I bit into it this hot, juicy beast (I'm guessing 5 ounces of beef) and was very pleased indeed. The ratio of toppings was right on, with the right amount of chopped onions and bright, crunchy pickles. A seriously near perfect burger. If I made this at home I'd be very, very happy. They are giving Smashburger a run for their money.

The fries were of the frozen variety, with which I have no problem. As long as they are cooked to crisp and hot--and they were.

Baffling to me, the burger cost about $3.50. That's a ridiculously low price for this burger. I wouldn't hesitate to spend 5 bucks on this thing.

Hot Diggity Grill interior

I'm looking forward to returning for their deep fried hot dogs. But not ordering that burger will be a challenge.

Friendly, quick service. Clean, bright place. Great burger. Highly recommended.

Update: Hot Diggity Grill has been sold, per a Facebook post. I hope the level of quality and service remain intact.


Hot Diggity Grill : 204 Diamond Bridge Ave : Hawthorne, NJ : 973.949.4905