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Chinese salt and pepper scallops: over yellow chives

Mill House Brewing: Poughkeepsie, NY: another great meal

Mill house sausage

It's becoming a habit. Whenever we're near Poughkeepsie, we stop at Mill House Brewing Company. We do this because the place is simply outstanding.

Our first visit made a real impression on us, and we were looking forward to returning. A recent trip to the Catskills gave us a reason to jump on 87 and detour across the river for lunch. We were a bit hesitant, only because the first meal was so exceptional. Too often, a second trip doesn't live up to the first. I'm here to tell you that this was not the case at Mill House. Our second meal was outstanding as well.

I think I said it all in my first post, so I won't repeat myself or go on too long. I did, however, fail to mention (or notice) the outlets under the bar. Along with hooks for bags, there are outlets. I love this attention to detail.

Here's a quick and dirty run-down of our recent meal:

Mill house cocktail1
Mill house cocktail1

I think the first cocktail was the Clearwater Sour (Tuthilltown Half Moon gin, cinnamon syrup, lemon, Rabarbaro Zucca). The second was their take on a Dark and Stormy. Both were well-conceived and well-executed. Little touches like the nutmeg on the Dark and Stormy cocktail go a long way to set this place apart from the pack. Not traditional by any means, but nutmeg is always welcome on my rum cocktails. 

Deviled eggs

The deviled eggs, just as during our first visit, were excellent. Served appropriately chilled, with a bit of smoky paprika.

Mill house calamari

Calamari Salad was also executed well, borrowing flavors from Southeast Asia. Crisp calamari with plenty of (appropriately dressed) greens. A nice contrast in textures, lots of herbs, and some nice acidic elements coming from the chili-lime vinaigrette. I'm thinking I like the "salad" approach more than simply a pile of calamari.

Mill House not only makes their own beer (a selection of about 8 or so), but they make their own sausages as well. We figured we'd push aside our pescatarian ways for the opportunity to try a house-made sausage. We chose the garlic and sage pork sausage, served over mashed potatoes. Pictured above.

This was the standout of the meal. The sausage was juicy and plump, with a bit of pink in the middle. Served over the mashed with a deep, rich onion gravy. A real proper bangers and mash. Seriously good stuff right here.

Everything about the menu screams "gastro-pub," to use today's vernacular. Everything about the operation screams "well-run." The staff has been super, the food is outrageous, the beer is fantastic, and the cocktails are excellent. 

Every town needs a Mill House Brewing Company. I'd buy in.

Mill House Brewing Company : 289 Mill Street : Poughkeepsie, NY : 845.485.2739