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Ayada Thai: Elmhurst, Queens, NY

Ayada thai sausage

Easter Sunday is a fine day to go out to brunch. Not to a carving station/bottomless mimosa/Easter egg hunt affair--any of those things is enough to keep me from getting out of bed. But rather, a proper brunch. A Thai meal, for example. 

After checking out the hundreds of dead fish floating in the lake at the Celery Farm (victims of winterkill), we headed out to Queens. Queens, as you might know, is home to one of the largest Chinatowns in New York. It's dizzying, with its array of markets and restaurants. Well worth a trip one sunny afternoon. Pack a cooler for any goodies you buy.

We didn't buy any goodies, but did go directly to Ayada Thai, on the recommendation by an old college friend who, based on what I see on Facebook, associates only with Asians, and eats Asian meals three times a day. He knows his stuff.

Fully expecting to walk into a hole-in-the-wall dive of a place, we were a bit surprised to see a very nice little restaurant, with a full bar no less. The cocktail list had pictures, which of course was a sign to stay well away from them.

The menu was certainly more extensive than the typical Thai menu, which largely consist of the same exact dishes restaurant to restaurant. We were looking for unique and interesting dishes, but to some extent ended up falling back on known entities. No soup made with blood, for example.

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