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Sevilla bar pelayo exterior

It was our second night in Sevilla and we still hadn't done much research on restaurants. After enjoying a few cocktails at the excellent The Secondroom (it took me about one day to start trying to track down a proper cocktail bar), we spied a welcoming little place called Bar Pelayo right down the block. At this point we were starving and quite frankly would have eaten anywhere.

The menu is typically Andalusian, with the typical tapas, fried fish, croquettes, etc.

Sevilla bar pelayo croquettes

The oxtail croquettes were pretty fantastic.

And believe it or not, the fried chicken (which was more like a dish of chicken fingers) was moist and delicious as well. Maybe we were in the mood for comfort food.

Sevilla bar pelayo chicken fried Sevilla bar pelayo anchovies
Sevilla bar pelayo anchovies
I wasn't about to have a meal without some seafood, so I ordered the fried seppia (impossibly tender) and fried anchovies.

The "Iberian meat" was beef, served with a delicious mushroom gravy, which you'll see on many menus. Served with fries, as so many dishes are.

Sevilla bar pelayo meat mushroom
Sevilla bar pelayo meat mushroom

We wanted to take any opportunity to eat vegetables, so a big salad was in order. The menu didn't make it clear that it had tuna on it, but it was a fine salad indeed. Olives, blood orange, tuna. Nothing wrong with that.

Our biggest concern about eating in Spain was the timeframes in which the Spanish sit down for a meal. We are relative early birds when it comes to dinner, and I'm perfectly happy eating at 7:30. Restaurants in southern Spain don't even open until 8:30. We promised ourselves that we'd somehow make it work and not eat at insane hours. This was our second dinner and we wrapped up at 11 pm. I guess we fell right into the swing of the Spanish lifestyle. And that turned out to be just fine by us.

Bar Pelayo : Calle Placetines, 5 : Sevilla, Spain