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Eating in Sevilla, Spain: Tapas at Casa Morales

Sevilla plaza de torosPlaza de Toros, Sevilla

At 165 years old, Casa Morales isn't anywhere near the oldest tapas place in Sevilla (that honor goes to El Rinconcillo, est. 1670), but it could be the second oldest. Indeed you will feel swept back in time when you walk into this corner bar, whose back room (a separate entrance) was once used to store sherry in enormous vats. The vats remain. The sherry has been drained.

Sevilla casa morales interior back room Casa morales sevilla interior

Just steps from the Cathedral and a few blocks from Plaza de Toros, you'd think a place like this would be packed with tourists. On the day we were there, it seemed to be more filled with regulars and locals.

We were there only for a snack and to soak in the environment, and had a few glasses of wine and tapas.

Dried tuna

This was early in our journey, and my Spanish wasn't so good. I knew atun is tuna, but had yet to realize that tuna is rarely served raw or seared in southern Spain, and more often than not it's dried and cured. I eat like an animal and am happy to try anything, though, so I really enjoyed powering through these slices of dry, pasty tuna. When in Rome. The missus, however, was not impressed.

Casa morales sevilla octopus

The octopus made a much better impression and was thoroughly enjoyed. Octopus, olive oil, paprika, potatoes. What's not to like.

Sevilla casa morales croquettes

We also ordered croquettes (I believe these were fish-based) as you do in Spain.

If you're in the neighborhood, at least pop your head into Casa Morales. It's quite charming and transporting.

Calle GarcĂ­a de Vinuesa, 11, 41001 Sevilla, Spain