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Dry-aged steak-5

You heard me, you people.

Every time I walk away from Westwood Prime Meats, I take with me some additional knowledge and appreciation for a part of the animal I likely never knew existed.

During this conversation with butcher extraordinaire Sal, the subject of the piece of meat that was on the butcher block came up. The meat on that block was a huge piece of various muscles and fat from a dry-aged rib section. Stuff that never makes it to your average butcher or supermarket.

Sal figured he'd give me a nugget of beef that was tucked within, so I could savor that funky, crazy flavor, and he proceeded to tear apart this enormous mass of flesh. Out came this unassuming little piece of beef.

Dry-aged steak

Here's where this piece of meat lives, if memory serves. Photo courtesy of Pasquale DeSalvo.


He told me that he'd advise using it like London Broil. "It's not about the texture, it's about the flavor." Indeed this wouldn't be the most tender piece of meat from the steer, but it was sure to be flavorful, what with all of that dry-aging that's going on here.

Dry-aged steak-3
Dry-aged steak-3

We had plenty of food that night, since I had picked up a beautiful dry-aged t-bone. So I sat around for a few days, wondering what I could do with this piece of meat. It occurred to me that it might make for a very good cheesesteak. A dry-aged cheesestak. And you know what? I was right.

I seared the thing to get a nice crust on it, let it rest, sliced it as thinly as I could, put it back in the pan with some butter, sauteed onions, and slices of cheddar. A bit of water, a lid, and then a quick turn onto the awaiting crusty rolls.

Dry-aged steak-7 Dry-aged steak-6

If I'm lyin' I'm dyin': this thing was incredible. Tons of dry-aged flavor. Beefy, meaty, the whole deal. This is going to be my go-to meat for cheesesteaks from now on.

And here are some photos of that steak we got from Sal a few nights before, for which I used my Peter Luger-ish approach to cooking dry-aged steak.