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Dubrovnik wall-2

Fine dining is something we often steer clear of when traveling. We made an exception when we booked Restaurant Dubrovnik, and I'm very glad we did.

Restaurant Dubrovnik has a stunning setting on a rooftop in the old city. Fully retractable walls and roof shelter you in the event of poor weather, poor weather being a thing that you likely won't see in Dubrovnik between April and, perhaps, April.

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Restaurant dubrovnik croatia-3
Restaurant dubrovnik croatia-3

We ordered a bottle of local red wine, with the help of the very informative server. I've said it before, and it bears repeating. The servers in Croatia on a whole were very knowledgeable of their local wine. Which helped me immensely, since Croatian wines rarely get beyond the Croatian border, and I've never had one.

An amuse-bouche was sent out. I'd be lying if I told you anything about this dish. I simply don't remember, but I'm sure it was a perfect way to start the meal. 

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My memory gets much more clear from the appetizer on. We started with the tuna and octopus tartare. I assume the octopus was cooked (not really tartare). This was a great dish with pleasant bursts of salt and ocean, and a variety of textures. Good stuff right here.

Truffles seem to be ubiquitous in Croatia. At first I questioned the inclusion of truffles in dishes at soooo many restaurants. I asked one server (at another restaurant) if they were using actual truffles, or that God-forsaken crap called "truffle oil." The server seemed perplexed that I would even ask such a question. "No, NO," he assured, "we would never use that."

That is the correct answer.

Restaurant dubrovnik croatia-7
Restaurant dubrovnik croatia-7

I ordered a local fish with a truffle sauce, as you do. Served with broad beans and a very and delightfully luscious potato puree. My goodness. This was a fantastic dish. Clean, clean flavors here. A great example of Mediterranean cooking.

The fish, regardless of how good it was, was quickly eclipsed by the dish the missus ordered.

When I first saw that the truffle risotto included foie gras, I though "well, there's just gilding the lily now. Is a truffle risotto really going to benefit from the addition of foie gras?"

A resounding "YES" is the correct answer. Holy cow. OutSTANDING dish. My goodness. This was one of the finest dishes we had during the whole trip, and indeed the whole year to date.

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I suppose we ordered dessert, although we typically don't. If I recall correctly, we ordered it because we wanted something to go down with the various dessert drinks we were sampling.

The service here is outstanding. A manager came by toward the end of the meal, and we started chatting about various things. The subject of after dinner drinks came up, and he mentioned a local liquor made with cherries, and ran off to get us a sample. This led to additional discussion of booze, wine, and another sample of something else came out. I think it was three samples when all was said and done. A fine example of how your experience in restaurants can be greatly improved if you are curious, interested, and friendly.

The dessert, I assume, was great (I don't recall specifics). And so was all of that wacky local liquor.

We really enjoyed our meal at Restaurant Dubrovnik. So much so that we seriously considered returning for another, but, alas, the time got away from us and we some very good meals at other restaurants, which I suspect I'll get to at a later time.

Dubrovnik wall

Dubrovnik is an absolutely stunning place. You can certainly get the impression that in its current state, it's tailor-made for tourism. And by any reasonable barometer that is certainly the case. There are crowds, mobs, of tourists, most of whom are coming off cruise ships or tour buses, wandering the streets, with selfie-sticks, stopping at every corner to take a picture of God knows what. But there's no denying Dubrovnik's beauty and history. Certainly a don't-miss if visiting the Dalmatian Coast. Especially if you're a fan of HBO's Game of Thrones series. Dubrovnik was the filming location for the fictional King's Landing. 

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