Eating in Barcelona: Part III: Hotel 1898

Hotel 1898 roof bar night

Rather than stumble through the rest of the day after our lunch at Clemen's Bar in La Boqueria, we headed back to Hotel 1898 to relax for a while. The first day of travel is always difficult, as you know. This, of course, occured before dinner, which is Part II in this series on Barcelona, so the numbers numerals here are sort of meaningless.

We had no idea the hotel had a rooftop pool/bar/deck with awesome views of the city and suitably fruity and fun cocktails. Imagine how thrilled we were to see that we wouldn't have to nap in the room, but rather on a large, comfy couch, in the sun, surrounded by drinks with straws.

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Eating in Barcelona: Part II: Merendero de la Mari

Del mari exterior

Running counter to the reality here in the states, restaurants near water or in touristy areas do not necessarily suck in Europe. Merendero de la Mari is another data point supporting this.

While it was recommended by a foodie friend, we were a bit hesitant to give it a whirl, as it is right in a marina and all, and has a huge outdoor patio, and, well, I dunno. It just seemed like a questionable choice for our first dinner. However, any reservations where unfounded.

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Eating in Barcelona: Part I: La Boqueria and Clemen's Boqueria


Regardless of the planning or attempted sleeping on the plane, I always arrive in Europe blearly-eyed, grumpy, and hungry. When we landed in Barcelona, and realized that our transfer service hadn't sent the car, I became even grumpier.

Thankfully the car arrived within 15 minutes after calling to inquire (and they didn't charge for the trip), and we were off to Hotel 1898 in no time, with only slightly more grump than before.

Fully expecting the room not to be ready, we planned on checking out La Boqueria, the rightfully famous market on Las Rambla, and getting something to eat. When the fella at the front desk told us that the room was in fact ready, I could have kissed him. We settled in and cleaned up a bit before heading off for our first meal of the trip.


La boqueria_edited-1

La Boqueria certainly lives up to its reputation as being a kick-ass market. The scope and size of the place overwhelms. You could shop here for every single meal of your life and never run out of options. The fish selection alone is enough to make you go googly-eyed. Add to that fruits, vegetables, meats upon meats, cured hog legs upon cured hog legs, prepared foods, and various tapas bars tucked away, and you have an experience that could keep you busy for days.

We weren't here to shop, unfortunately, so off we went to see which of the tapas bars had the least oppressive lines. Bar Central was our first stop, as it had come up in my searches quite often. It had obviously come up in others' searches as well, as people were 3 deep at the bar, waiting for seats. I wasn't about to get involved in this dance at this point in the trip, so we pressed on and ended up at Bar Clemen's, over there in the corner of the market. There was no need to queue up behind people as there were two empty stools with our names written alllllllll over them.

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