Colony Grill pizza: Stamford, CT

It's pretty incredible to think that itty-bitty state of Connecticut has two unique styles of pizza, when most states have zero. The New Haven style, which is perhaps the most widely known, is a close cousin to the Brooklyn style, made famous by places like Grimaldi's and Patsy's in NYC. And then there's this other thing that spawned from Stamford. It's more of a bar pie, akin to the thin crust bar pie places in Northern Jersey (Kinchley's, Star Tavern, Nellie's, et al.), with nothing in common with its New Haven cousin. We found ourselves at Colony Grill, to see what was doin'.

The list of toppings contains the usual traditional suspects. But Colony Grill is known for their hot oil pies, which are served with or without "stinger" peppers, which may or may not be something like serranos.  If you read the internet, you'll hear about how spicy this oil is. Well I'm here to tell you it isn't all that spicy. At least on the day we visited.

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A Little Slice of New Haven: Pizza, New Haven, CT


Note: this post is from 2007. I've republished it to test something. I suspect all of my brilliant insights remain valid...

A recent trip to Newport, RI, sent us right through what is purported to be the pizza capital of New England.   Yay for me.

New Haven, CT, is conveniently located right off of Interstate 95.  Easy off, easy on.  This fact pretty much answered the question of "where are we stopping to eat on the way to Newport" as well as "where are we stopping to eat on the way back from Newport." 

After some extensive googling we  determined that there are many other options, and the dividing lines are clearly drawn.  Everyone has their favorite and thinks their not-favorite "isn't as good as it used to be."  Oh for eff's sake.  We settled on Modern Apizza on the way up, and Frank Pepe's on the way back.

First the way up...

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