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White Castle fries: File under: WTF?

I've been to a few fast food joints over the years.  Hell, over the month.  And I always get a "large" combo meal, because I like a lot of soda.   You do get a lot of fries with the large size, but it's really all about the extra soda for me.  In fact, if you could super-size the diet Coke, and keep the fries small, well that there would be a great option. 

However, even with all of this experience, and all of the thought I have given this, I was absolutely floored, nay, disgusted, when I pulled the large fries out of the White Castle bag the other day.

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Study: Most kids' fast-food meals have too many calories

Study: Most kids' fast-food meals have too many calories

In related news:  no shit, Sherlock.

<WTF?>  Who pays for this stuff?  Shouldn't they be paying for studies on how to get seeds and flavor back into watermelon instead of the number of permutations possible with 7 sandwiches, 5 drinks and french fries?  Was this study run by a high school student looking for extra credit?</WTF?>