North Carolina

See ya later New Jersey: I'm out


It was 1998 or so that I first annoyed people on food boards, talking about restaurants and cooking and whatnot on various internet forums. Fast forward 9 years, and I decided to step away from those forums--which were too often moderated by awful people--and fire up a blog. I'm not one to be told what I can and can't say, as anyone who follows this blog no doubt knows.

Back then, blogs were in their infancy. They were difficult to find on the internet. The software made them look very amateurish. And gaining any sort of traction was difficult (and remained that way, for my type of blogging).  But I stuck with it, and made some real and virtual friends along the way.

After 11 years of blogging (the longest-running NJ-focused food blog, in fact), and a handful of posts, I'm hanging up my hat. You see, I've spent a lifetime in New Jersey. That's no exaggeration. And I recently decided to throw out just about everything I own, pack up the scraps, and move right the hell out of the state of my birth, the state of my education, and the state in which countless memories and friends were made. I left it all behind, and moved south, for greener pastures, lower taxes, pleasant people, and a boost in quality of life.

There's a slight possibility that I'll continue with the blog at some point, spotlighting great restaurants, chefs, and farm stands that I am finding. There is no shortage of incredible food in and around the Triangle in NC. In fact, the only reason I'm even leaving the option to continue with this thing open is the incredible bounty of pasture-raised meat, fresh fruit and produce, and farmers markets at every turn. I knew there were a lot of craft brewers around before I moved here, but I've been simply blown away by the quality and selection of foodstuffs in NC.

To the wonderful chefs and purveyors that I came to know personally, thanks very much for your graciousness and incredible food throughout the years. And I'm very sorry I didn't have a chance to say goodbye in person (I friggin' ran out of NJ like I owed child support).

To the readers and followers of the blog, thanks very much for being a part of the journey, for your witty comments, the laughs, and the recommendations.

Enough of this. I'm off to the farmers market.